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Attend one of our popular self-defense seminars for women at Powell's Way of Kenpo in Brookfield, Illinois.

We created our self-defense seminars to bring practical self-defense education to men, women and children. Our focus is on risk reduction strategies and simple yet effective physical self-defense techniques. We stress awareness and avoidance, verbal de-escalation and escape. We train for reality – our program is based on crime statistics and the way criminals actually operate. You will learn awareness, avoidance and other risk reduction strategies as well as simple physical techniques to keep yourself safe.

Class size is limited, so register now by calling (630) 447-9073 or use the form below to register or ask a question.

This course is specially design to meet the personal protection needs of women. You will learn:

  • Measures to prevent violence such as awareness and boundary setting.
  • Techniques used by criminals and warning signs of attack.
  • Non-physical defense techniques such as verbal de-escalation.
  • Simple yet effective physical self-defense techniques.

The class is structured as an informative and interactive discussion followed by practical application of techniques.

Upcoming Seminar Date: July 30, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Cost: $25 per person payable by cash or check
Location: Powell’s Way of Kenpo, 3741 Grand Blvd., Brookfield, IL 60513

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Be aware of potential dangersDon't put your safety at risk - learn to defend yourself.Learn boundary setting and de-escalation techniquesOur experienced instructors will share their knowledge so you can stay safe.

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