Kenpo Concepts: Gravitational Marriage

This is part of a series of articles providing insight into concepts used in Kenpo to increase power and make techniques more effective.

Marriage of Gravity is basically backup mass delivered on a vertical plane instead of horizontally.  We use gravitational marriage to add power to our strikes by using gravity to accelerate the strike and allow us to add our own body weight to the strike.

We can see the power of gravitational marriage in techniques such as Crossing Talon B where the technique ends with a high downward elbow strike to the opponent delivered by dropping your body weight with the strike.  We can also use this concept when we deliver an overhand punch or any other downward strike when we but our body behind the strike and drop our weight.

Another way to use gravitational marriage:
You can also get creative and use gravitational marriage to increase borrowed force.  By sweeping your opponent and delivering an upward strike, you are essentially flipping borrowed force on its side and adding gravitational marriage – only this time, it is your attacker that is accelerating with gravity.


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