Got kids? How about guns?

In today’s post, we will look at how to protect your kids from guns.  How would your child react if they found a gun?  The shocking 30 second video below shows what one child did.

Child Gun Safety Video Experiment

Recently, police in Florida offered safety tips for gun owners on their Facebook page.  They encourage all everyone to follow important rules about guns – lock them up, teach the consequences, and explain how to act around guns.   Below is an excerpt from Tampa Bay Newspapers (

Lock it up
People who own guns are advised to keep it locked up, unloaded, and out of reach of children. Store the ammunition separately and keep the ammunition locked up, too, and invest in a trigger lock for the gun, the report said.

Teach that guns kill
Kids may not realize that guns can be deadly. In television shows, movies and video games, violence doesn’t often have consequences. After being shot, a cartoon character may have a hole in his stomach, but it disappears in the next scene, the report said. The leading characters in movies hardly ever die – only the bad guys do. In video games, characters have many lives.

Parents can use these media as a way to teach their children about real life impacts of guns. If you see an example of violence, ask your children what the consequences would be if it happened outside a Hollywood production, the report said. Talk about everyone who is affected by gun violence, such as the victim’s children, parents, friends and community. Discuss the consequences for the shooter and the shooter’s family, such as jail time and guilt.

Explain how to act around guns
Even if you don’t own a gun, it’s likely one of your neighbors does. About 35 percent of adults live in a home with at least one gun, according to the John Hopkins University’s Center for Gun Policy and Research. If children know how you want them to act around guns, they’ll more likely act in a safe manner. Teach kids four steps to gun safety: Stop, don’t touch, get away, tell an adult.
Talk about specific examples of places your children may see a gun, and have your children tell you what they would do. You could talk about the following examples:
• A friend shows the child his dad’s gun
• The child sees a gun in a classmate’s locker or backpack
• The child overhears a classmate talking about bringing a gun to school
• The child sees a person walk into a store holding a gun
• The child finds a gun while playing outdoors

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In short, you need to teach your kids about gun safety – even if you do not own a gun.  Practice or talk through some scenarios with your child to make sure they know what to do.

Stay safe and keep your kids safe.